Monday, September 22, 2008

No reference and see what happens?

Last night I got distracted and wanted to see how fast I could make an eye in Silo 2. Next thing I knew I had moved on to the mouth loops and made the cheek.

A few hours later I had this monstrosity. Never did anything but extrude edges, cut edges and merge verts ... and I purposely avoided reference of any kind.

You're never supposed to model without reference but I figure if I can sketch human proportions out of my head on to paper, why not try it in 3d?

Suffice to say, I still suck. Getting better at learning modeling topology is worth the practice though.

The top animated GIF is a head I modeled in an early version of Mudbox. Note that it is just a subdivided cube which I sculpted into a head as I pushed up the subdivision.

The new Mudbox 2009 preview is pretty nuts!!

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