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Craola Seminar

Craola Painting Seminar Notes
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Prep and Block in

* For larger pieces, use wood backing / wall.
* With larger pieces, layering enamel paint over acrylic might crack with the flexing of canvas.
* Use only acrylic base.  Start with a series of gray values, covering a larger area with spray cans.
* Recommends "Alien Tips" / 94s
* Always start with midtones, for more flexibility.
* Photoshop mockup for composition and color is very useful.

Colors Used

* Paynes Gray (shading)
* Transparent Indian Yellow (yellow tinting) Nova Color 175
* Burnt Umber
* Misc. other colors (making sure to water down / create wash when appropriate)

Galleries and Pricing

* Gallery typically takes up to 50% of whatever is sold
* Additional 5% markup on work for each consecutive show
* Curator will handle all pricing and selling


One can use a mechanical pencil over initial gesso layer. Using transparent or translucent paint will allow one to see underlying drawing.  Alternatively, reproject drawing / photoshop comp over painting using projector.
Do NOT use prismacolor pencils due to wax lines / residue.

After blocking in major forms with spray paint let dry (use hair dryer to speed up process) and then spray a very light coat of water. Let that dry. Next brush clear acrylic layer over top to seal underpainting.  To cover large areas use foam "brush".

Begin painting in details, making sure to keep a dry brush handy ALWAYS.  Craola will paint sometimes with two brushes in hand.  One wet with paint and one always dry for blending.  Dry brush blending is key.  Apply paint with one hand and blend with dry brush in the other hand.
Always work back to front (background to foreground) and work large to small (3 inch brush / or house painting brush to start).
Burnt umber is often used for shading.  (Almost) Pure black is used to "cut" around object, producing negative space.

1. block in opaque color for basic forms
2. push in shadows / pop out highlights
3. apply wash
4. repeat

For skin color:

1. blue / green base
2. yellow / orange mids
3.  reds / pinks

Never mix color on palette, only on canvas.

Don't use markers.  Especially alchohol based markers. Any alchohol based markers added WILL fade over time, changing the colors of the painting.

Uses dagger / triangular brush for detailing / fur.

Uses the company Static Medium to shoot photos of paintings.

Recommends Todd Schorr DVD for acrylic painting.

Craola's style is called "pop surrealism" and falls in the same catergory as Todd Schorr and Mark Ryden.

Below is an timelapse of the painting Craola made at the painting seminar.

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5111 West Pico Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90019

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