Saturday, June 27, 2009




David said...

Hey Man that looks good but you put to much power on the dice on the left. It’s spinning too much. And the one on the right is like time had stop and went to slow motion. Looking good man keep the good work.

Grey said...

The dice spinning is a simulation. I don't directly control them outside of controlling the physics attributes. However, the director may want me to tweak it further. He really wants the dice to read 7 and I am not sure how to guarantee that.

joeld42 said...

Nice... the pips are a little too white, the lighting on the pavement looks a little warmer than it does on the dice.

Getting the dice to roll 7 is easy: Just add another xform under the transform your using for the sim, let it roll, and then rotate the "results" so it's got the number you want.

Looking good though. Good luck with the background camera move, too.

Starr Allen Shaw said...

Lol, thats pretty cool.