Thursday, June 25, 2009

Lucky ?

Here is a still from a credits sequence I am working on. Maya 08 + Mray.

3d dice against a photo background. What I can't understand is why one would want or need 3d dice for their credit sequence (?) Maybe some impossible camera moves? FX? It is a mystery . . .


joeld42 said...

maybe real dice don't take direction very well? Do they want an ultra-slow-motion roll or something? This might be easier than getting a super-hi-speed camera.

So you're working on this but you don't have a detailed breakdown of the camera/shot? I'd get them to spell that out before you go too far with this.

Looking good so far. keep going with it. email me if you want some more specific feedback.

Grey said...

Yeah, they wanted a crazy camera move (think the boulder shot in the first Indiana Jones movie) but they never game any clean footage!
I had to cut out a still image from the footage they shot and then photoshop it to remove the other stuff in the scene. Problem is I only have a single still frame to composite against, so I am not sure how to make any camera moves with no footage.